"Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy utilize and apply the full power of body-mind-consciousness in order to create lasting transformation"

​​"The emotional and mental nature must be in balance for the body and mind to create long lasting health, healing, and constructive growth".


                                            - Scott Paul Laurenza, Certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic Health Consultant

Insight into Consciousness and Healing from an Eastern/Western

Integrated Mind Body Approach to Health and Wellness.

Holistic Approach to Personal Growth, Body Mind Healing, Health & Wellness, and Self Development & Empowerment

About Us

Blue Ridge Hypnotherapy is a complete and holistic approach to the science of mind body health and healing and its therapeutic benefits.

Integrated use of the power and depth of the mind and its relationship to the body to improve in all areas of life and create positive change.

Holistic Hypnotherapy is designed to tap into the deeper potential of the mind to gain greater insight into our current life condition;

whatever it may be, and learn to find solutions and answers to issues/problems that have been challenging and/or difficult to understand.

Naturally many things that have been impeding progress or limiting growth will become revealed, exposed, and released during the process.