Holistic Hypnotherapy is a holistic treatment program designed to increase and enhance Health, Well-Being, Prosperity, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, and Happiness.  

Natural effects of Hypnotherapy include a sense of Increased Purpose, Meaning,

Confidence, Direction, Motivation, and Desire to Create and Achieve Success.  Gain Valuable Insight into Consciousness, Healing, Personal and Spiritual  Development, and Self Empowerment.

Integrated Holistic Mind Body Approach & Therapeutic Treatment for various symptoms & conditions including but not limited to:

​​Blue Ridge Hypnotherapy​​

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  • Stress, Tension, Restlessness,  Anxiety, Fatigue, Emotional Distress, Grief, Sadness, Family and/or Financial Loss, Infirmity, and Illness.          
  • Weight Issues, Poor Physical Fitness,  Health Problems, Smoking, Attention Deficit, Lack of Self-Control and/or Discipline.
  • Undesirable or Unwanted Behaviors, Obsessive or Addictive Behavior Patterns, Destructive Habits, Lack of Focus and Direction
  • Insomnia, Poor Eating Habits, Poor Self Image or Self-Esteem, Lack of Confidence, Initiative, Motivation, and/or follow through.
  • Relationship Problems, Sexual Dysfunction, Communication Issues, Children's Issues, Lack of Family Co-operation, and/or Trust.
  • Pain Management, Intolerance, Impatience, Lack of Memory/Recall, Chronic Pain, Dental or Doctor's Referrals/Recommendations