Increase Confidence and Motivation                                                   Increase Knowledge, Consciousness, Insight, and Wisdom

Find Direction and Purpose                                                                       Learn to Enhance Focus, Increase Awareness and Attention

Achieve Success and Accomplish Goals                                             Create Effective Strategies and Creative Solutions

Increase Focus and Discipline                                                                  Enhance the Mind Body Connection

Self Improvement and Empowerment                                                Learn the Art of Conscious Communication


                                       2 hour/120 minute single session of HYPNOTHERAPY for $90  

                        Purchase a block of 3  (2 hour/120 minute) sessions for $250 and save $20 

           1.5 hour/90 minute single session for $85 OR Block of 3 sessions for $240 and save $15 


Additional Services include Hypnotherapeutic Anaesthesia for Pre-Surgical and Post-Surgical Procedures to minimize discomfort, the need for medication, and to reduce side-effects.  Post-procedure Hypnosis and Therapy to maximize healing potential and benefits of improved health and recovery.


Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for General Self-Improvement

 Improve General Health and Well-Being, Weight Loss and Weight Management,
 Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Physical Fitness and Mental Health,

 Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors Patterns and Limiting/Negative Attitudes/Habits/Beliefs,  General Health Preventative Maintenance, Develop Greater Self Control, Improve Confidence,  Concentration/Focus, Memory/Recall, Find Positive Solutions and Constructive Strategies for  Growth, Healing, Wellness, and Personal/Career Success.

  Learn Valuable Coping Skills and Methods, Strengthen Integrity and Resolve,
  Develop Greater Self Awareness, Gain Clarity, Contentment & Peace of Mind

    Increase tolerance to stress, Manage emotions effectively, Dissolve Fears and Phobias

   Overcome Negative Past Conditioning -  Overcome difficulties and challenges
   Develop Conscious Authentic Communication & Learn New Relationship Strategies & Skills

Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

This Hypnotherapy addresses specific issues that children commonly go through and need help in adjusting behavior patterns.

Common issues may include:

Bed Wetting    Nail Biting     Exam Anxiety/Test Preparation                 Co-operating with siblings            Inappropriate Behaviors

Lack of Attention           Peer Pressure               School Related Issues     Sports Preparation    Stage Confidence       Anxiety

Fears              Obsessive Thoughts        Phobias     Nervousness           Restlessness           Attention Deficit        Hyperactivity

 The BENEFITS  of  HYPNOTHERAPY will often result in or include many of the following improvements:

Better Quality of Sleep, More Even Temperament, Generally More Calm and Relaxed Body and Mind

Clarity of Mind, with an improved ability to make Clear Decisions and Choices that reflect positive actions and results.

Better Diet, Nutrition, and Motivation to Live  a Healthy Lifestyle and Achieve Healthy Goals

Increased Awareness, Less Mood Swings and Instability, More Genuine Happiness, Satisfaction and Contentment

Lowered level of Stress and Anxiety, Increased Tolerance, Patience, and Less Anger or Irritation and/or Resentment

Increased Confidence, Direction, Inspiration, Empowerment, and Courage to follow through and overcome obstacles,

Increased Motivation, Self Control, and Self Discipline along with an increased awareness and insight 

Creative, Empowering, and Useful Techniques for Sports/Stage and Competition or Preparation for Major Events such as:

Public Speaking,  Job Interviews,  Exams,  Marriage/Weddings,  Court Testimony,  Travel,  Sports Tournaments/Events, Acting/Drama/Dance, and Job/Career Transitions

Learn strategies to increase personal, career, and financial goals.  Learn communication and relationship enhancement skills and strategies for positive results.

What we offer you

Hypnotherapy for Self -Improvement is focused on obtaining positive results in all areas of life


These sessions reveal valuable and insightful information about the past and how it is affecting or has affected your current life situation.

The results can provide profound relief, powerful healing, and resolution which brings hope, inspiration, and lasting purpose and motivation.

Long standing emotional and mental issues can be dissolved; discomfort/distress, and pain in the body and mind can be re-evaluated and released.

Hypnotherapy is always focused on positive benefits and results and does not increase trauma or relationship to negative conditions of the past.

It is aimed at releasing negative conditioning and effects of past circumstances that have created limitation and/or blockages to healing, growth,

development, and personal, career, relationship, and/or financial success, happiness, and satisfaction. 


These type of referrals or recommendations allow us to work in unison with your current health care provider's recommendations.

They must approve your request to have Hypnotherapy complement your current recommendations, advice, and health routine or program.

Many Health Practitioners are already aware of the positive and powerful effects of Hypnosis for Health and Healing purposes!

If your Doctor or Health Care Practitioner doesn't think Hypnosis will have benefits then it is best to seek a second opinion!

Remember to consider whether any condition may need medical attention first and seek the advice, approval, and referral of your Doctor. 

Be sure to ask for a signed referral/recommendation to participate in and utilize Hypnotherapy for the purpose of healing and improved health!

Issues which will require a referral, approval, and/or recommendations from one of the above mentioned providers may include:

Pain Management                     Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors        Violent/Impulsive Behaviors          Personality Disorders          Addiction or Abuse             

Clinical Depression             Post Traumatic Stress     Trauma/Shock         Amnesia         Severe Illness           Family Dysfunction      Eating Disorders

We offer additional and complementary services through Referrals from Your Doctor, Dentist, Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

If you have a mental or physical disorder, dysfunction, or illness;  consult your Health Care Provider to ask for advice, recommendation & referral for Hypnotherapy.

If you suffer from chronic pain and have not gained relief through medication and traditional treatment we offer complementary services to help support your current medical or health program and provide increased solutions to health, healing, relief, and resolution.